Beauty, High Fashion, or Avant-Garde looks for print, film, or portfolio building.

Special fx

Creative, scary, or pretty looks that range from realistic prosthetic effects to character makeup and body paint. Great for any occasion such as halloween, shows, or film


A full face of makeup with lashes for any occasion that will last all day and night. 


Packages for brides and bridesmaids that include a full face of makeup with lashes that will photograph perfectly and last all day and night


Kickass-Artisty is a brand that believes makeup is truly an art. Makeup should not be used as a tool to make one feel better about themselves, but simply as an aesthetic way of portraying the confidence, emotion, and beauty one already knows they possess.


With use of high-quality products, careful face-mapping, and understanding of each clients individual wants and needs, one is sure to not only have a great experience, but to take home some new found skills as well!


My Name is Julia Gerson. I am a self-taught makeup artist based in Philadelphia. My  professional experience of 6 years includes wedding, editorial, film, and Special FX makeup. I have been making art for as long as I can remember, but have found my niche with makeup as my medium. Nothing brings me more joy than to surpass my clients expectations, teaching them tricks of the trade, or watching my visions come to life.

Book with me to experience the magic! 





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